Spring is coming quickly round the corner- It’s time to make those changes!

After what seemed to be the longest, dullest, and most freezing winter, spring is finally just round the corner! Without meaning to sound too cliché, the start of a new season is the perfect time to give yourself another chance, and stick all those New Year resolutions you wrote down at the start of January. Let’s face it, the majority of us didn’t start going to the gym every morning at 6am, nor did we cut back on those naughty weekend takeaways.

For me the start of a new season, doesn’t just mean the start of a new wardrobe (although that is always a bonus). A new start means two things– CLEAR OUT & PLAN AHEAD.

March is one of my favourite months, its the month to pull out your entire wardrobe, draws, everything and start sorting through all your items of clothing. *Top Tip* lay each item on the bed, and organise them into neat piles. Then really start to go through them, its a chance to clear out some clothes and even use websites like Depop and Ebay to make some money from it! More space, more money… double bonus!

It is also a chance to pack away those huge thick winter coats, and bring out some of the lighter, brighter clothing. I mean, if you’re like me and live in the UK, maybe packing away all super warm clothing is wishful thinking… but you can certainly have a bit of a move around. For me, spring is all about layering! It’s a chance to wear those lovely thick jumpers under light weight jackets, e.g. denim jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets. You can bring out those lovely cropped trousers and even attempt to wear shoes other than the boots and trainers we have all lived in since October.

Another huge part of March for me is tackling that UNDERWEAR DRAW– yes that draw that gets neglected. Pull everything out and and have a real look, if you can’t even remember when you bought those knickers, tights and socks, should they really be in there? I try to have a clear out every 6 months. Socks with holes in… come on, they’ve got to go, white knickers that are now a suspicious shade of grey? yep. GONE. tights you never ever wear because they slip down, just do yourself a favour and get rid! 

Ok, so now the PLAN AHEAD side of things. At the start of the year I set myself 5 goals… (no real order)
1. Visit new cities and countries
2. Get fit and feel my best – exercise more, eat more varied meals
3. Buy a house/apartment
4. See Drake in concert
5. Get a dog

As you can see, my goals are really varied this year. Some I can act on straight away, e.g getting fit, whereas others are much bigger, long term goals such as buying a house/apartment. So this is when the PLAN side to March comes into play. With the European summer just round the corner, March, is an amazing month to get your holiday wish list sorted. Flight links are better than ever, and with a good bit of patient searching online there are some incredible deals to be found. In the UK airports like Manchester and London Stansted offer some amazing flights, to incredible destinations, at really reasonable prices. Use websites like Skyscanner, to plan ahead, and keep an eye on flight prices! I also love Secret Escapes and I really appreciate Booking.com‘s feature of reserve now, and pay at the property. It allows you to book your dream hotel, and take time to save up for it. Making holiday’s much easier and affordable. 

This year, the places at the top of my bucket list are:

  • Seville
  • The Amalfi Coast
  • Greek Islands- Mykonos, Santorini, Ios
  • Ibiza- Formentera

 So in essence, the Mediterranean trio, Spain, Greece and Italy are top of my list. A few years back I was lucky enough to Island Hop the beautiful Greek islands, I really can’t recommend them enough. Have a look through my photos below! This time, however , I would like to stay longer in each place and really get to experience the beautiful culture and delicious greek food.  

Goal number 2- Get fit & feel my best- From a young age I have always been a keen dancer, ballet was my favourite style of dance and it was what kept me fit. However, when I reached the age of 16, my priorities changed, suddenly dancing every day wasn’t as important as meeting up with my friends.  My active lifestyle certainly took a hit. I have never been unhealthy, I am naturally slim and quite active (I love to walk) but going from dancing 3-5 times per week to nothing, it certainly was a change. For the first couple of years, I didn’t see the impact of it, luckily muscle memory kept me in shape and thanks to my speedy metabolism I didn’t gain much weight. However, into my second year at university, with the increase of pizza and alcohol my body started to show changes. I suddenly didn’t have the defined stomach I was used to seeing, and my thighs started to show signs of cellulite. Part of it is of course growing up, but this was something I just let slide by. Here I am 3 years on, at 22 years old and despite still being slim, I am no longer confident in a bikini.

I have now chosen to take back control of my life and change this. I consulted a local personal trainer and I am about to embark on a 12 week programme with her, I will see her once/twice per week and try to do some form of exercise 5 days per week, leaving my weekends free, as I know that setting myself weekend workouts is just unrealistic.  I am hoping that this will give me the push in the right direction to feel confident in my body again.

My goal to get a dog and watch Drake in concert are slightly more self indulgent, but what can I say, I love Drake and I looooove puppies!  FYI- these are the breeds I am looking to get, this is hugely dependant on whether we buy a house or an apartment. If you know of any other cute breeds of dog please comment below! I love a good puppy searching session. 


Lots of love, A x


Croatia- Dubrovnik & Hvar

Croatia is fast becoming one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. It really isn’t surprising given its crystal clear waters and mouth watering food. Last summer, my boyfriend and I, were lucky enough to spend 10 glorious days in sunny Croatia. I was so so excited to visit such a beautiful place, as I had heard such amazing things about it. We spent 6 days in Dubrovnik and 4 in Hvar, I easily could of stayed another 10 days and visited other islands and cities in this beautiful country.

Dubrovnik is famous for its ancient city walls, in summer make sure you get up early and go for a walk to make the most of the incredible views, minus the burning hot sun. Dubrovnik’s Old Town is truly beautiful, round every little cobble street and alley you will find hidden restaurants, cafes and even beach bars.


Go to restaurants in Dubrovnik: 
For incredible views and fine dining: Nautika and Restaurant 360
For an amazing atmosphere and delicious food: Gradska kavana Arsenal


A short ferry trip away from beautiful Dubrovnik, Hvar has nothing to envy from other Islands. Despite being a fairly small island, the giant yachts in Hvar’s harbour are a clear indication of the islands clientele. Hvar is not short of nightlife, with famous beach bars like Hula Hula and Carpe Diem. However, the island also has a more relaxed feel. Head into the winding little streets to find delicious restaurants and vibrant bars or hike up to the fortress for breathtaking views of the entire harbour.

What are your favourite places to visit in Croatia?

All my love,

A x

I am a 90s baby… And I am buying into everything else that comes with it. 

Ok so here goes. I am admittedly another kale chomping, avocado smashing, coffee drinking millennial. I am guilty of ‘snapping’ and ‘gramming’ everything I do, and yes I will pick a venue based on its aesthetics. I am unable to go to for dinner or lunch or even a quick afternoon coffee without taking a snap. Much to my boyfriends annoyance. And YES, I am 100% guilty of letting the ‘instagrammable’ nature of a venue sway my choice, pink velvet chairs? big open windows? copper lights hanging from the ceiling? 1,2,3 *texting girls/boyfriend* “There’s this really cool new place I’ve found that we should totally try out, yep the menu looks AMAZING, I’ll book us a table.” GUILTY.  Okay, glad I got that admission over. Now here is another for you… I can’t get myself into a gym, and it makes me feel less ‘cool’ than everyone else.

*Here are some photos for you*

There is definitely a lifestyle pressure that comes with being born any time after 1990. I feel I should be gymming, working on my booty, have a perfectly made up face every single day and walk around drinking the next best protein shake. A little introduction into the life of me, I spend my life in joggers or a dressing gown at home, my hair lives in a bun and although my makeup skills are good enough for me, I definitely won’t be calling myself an MUA anytime soon.

Every single day on Instagram I scroll through endless and endless photographs of perfectly toned girls, with perfectly painted eyebrows wearing perfectly sculpted gym wear. And yeah, it most definitely makes me feel inferior. I am naturally slim, so I am often painted with the gym goers brush, but in reality I am unable to convince myself to step foot in a gym. MY APARTMENT BUILDING HAS A GYM. IT IS 2 SECONDS AWAY FROM ME.

Some may call me lazy, but I think I am the product of a disillusioned generation, once you start trying to aim for perfection like those girls you see on Instagram, you have already set yourself up for a loss. Brutal reminder here- WAKE UP, Instagram is NOT real life. Yes these beautiful girls may well go to the gym, they may well have perfect eyebrows and wear gorgeous gym gear, but they will also sit there with a take away on a Saturday night or may go their second (third) day without washing their hair (will dry shampoo really save me again?). You just won’t see that documented on Instagram. Would you want the world to see your unwashed hair? Nope. Didn’t think so.

So a message to all you gorgeous girls (or guys!) reading this, there is nothing wrong with setting goals to improve your lifestyle. Whether that is growing out over plucked eyebrows or simply going to the gym once per week. Just remember to set achievable goals, if you don’t step foot in a gym, it is highly unlikely that you will suddenly start going every single morning at 6am. However, you may be find going to a 6pm class on a Monday, and working out on a Wednesday morning works for you. Start slowly, and build up gradually.

While I think Instagram creates a false illusion of how perfect peoples lives are, I also believe the health kick craze that has come as a bi-product of a social media generation is a good thing!  Increasing exercise and healthy eating is great, just as long as you don’t beat yourself up about eating that entire pizza on a Saturday night or not having the toned body of that girl you’ve been following on Instagram.

I think my aim this year will be to start going to the gym or at least a few gym classes (Yes, I’m aware it’s March, the first two months are just trial months aren’t they?). I also want to try out lots of new meals, so I though perhaps in a future blog post I could write out my typical week meal plan with some recipes. *THESE WILL NOT ALL BE HEALTHY* but I promise they won’t be THAT bad, just super super yummy! Please feel free to comment below with any tips on how to motivate myself to go to the gym and also any recipes you love!

All my love,

A x

First post! Here goes…

Hey guys, I’m just another 90s baby trying out this blogging thing. Why am I doing this? Well… in all honesty I miss writing. I studied Politics at University, and I was used to writing essay after essay. It is coming up to two years since graduating I miss it. I miss sitting with my laptop, alone with my thoughts, writing. I even enjoyed writing my dissertation… yes, I probably am crazy.

I’ve thought about this idea for a while now, and everyone around me has encouraged me. With 2018 being the year of the woman, I thought why not? Lets try this out. However, until I am certain that this is what I want to do, my identity will remain anonymous. Rather like the mystery of who is “A” from Pretty Little Liars, just far far less exciting. This blog will allow me to write about random things I care about and have an interest in. Unlike with my degree, I am no longer tied to one academic area. I have a lot of opinions, and a lot to say, and I hope some of what I decide to share will resonate with you.

I guess you could say that this will be another lifestyle blog? I will document on here my thoughts and adventures. I will cover Society, Food, Fashion, Make-up, Travel and Political issues. I think I am a bit of a surprising character and I hope this blog reflects this and brings everything in together. My aim is to publish two blog posts per month to begin with, and who knows in a few months time it may be a case of a weekly blog post.

I hope you decide to come on this journey with me and I am so excited to share my every thought with you guys!

All my love,

A x